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The flyer above is for the UTB December releases. If you’ve paid attention to our tweets lately i’ve been doing alot of “Polo x Jordan” not to show everyone what i’ve been wearing because i’ve actually been wearing UTB x Jordan but in all actuality those two brands are what we grew up on in the Murda. in 2K11 UTB’s branding will be like Polos but with a twist of Jordan. Polo for the quality over quantity and Jordan for the anticipation and exclusivity.
With all that being said we will be making posters for upcoming months and what you can expect from each month. Of course there will be surprises, we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t surprise yall here and there.

Here’s what to expect
9-5 Hoody
Trap or Die! Hoody
G-$eries with some damn good surprises
D$3 Mixtape w/ D$3 inspired threads. if you have a black rehab take and send a pic for free D$3 merch when it drops

TGL$ December Release


Make sure yall follow @ItsMotorMane for official TGL$ updates

What to expect
Official Taylors Hoody in Black & Grey
TGL$ $kully in Black & Grey
and some damn good surprises

And for our Superfriends (blogs that hold us down) here’s a picture with both flyers. We love yall.
When we finish our new website, there’s gone be some $ involved for yall. Well a way to make $, you still gotta hu$$le it’s almost 2K11 but we’re gon hold yall down.



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Recording D$3 this September in PGH

Drops Dec 26th


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Thanksgiving Brunch EP Free Download



Recorded all the songs last night at ID Labs with Jerm. Did the photoshoot this morning with Kyle Dawson then he cooked up the artwork… After we finish this bomb ass food the homies mom cooked we gon have that link up for yall.

The reason for the title is because most people get extremely full on Thanksgiving. My musical appetite is just way too big to get full right now. I have tons n tons of songs on ice for 2K11 so thanksgiving was just an appetizer or a quick brunch. Dec 26th will be one of those big ass sample platters and 2K11 will be full of full course meals. When you download the project open up the zip file and read the letter i wrote, it explains all.

D$3 Drops December 26th


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Rolling Up w/ Wiz

This video editing is dope.


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10 Questions w/ Wiz


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Back when i just started growing my hair bout a year ago (#FrosB4Hoes) i did an interview with Sal Green for Lyricist Lounge. Undisclosed info on that but I’m glad he sent the interview through so I could post it. it came out dope


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@RealWizKhalifa’s weight lifting class

this was my first session. if you come out to any remaining tour dates you’ll catch a part of Wiz’s weight lifting class during Never Been

footage courtesy of Smokey from TGODxJETS


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9-5 Hoody

Photobucket broke the first story about the 9-5 Hoody.

9-5 is when you go to work. If your job doesn’t have a distinct 9-5 and your grind is 24/7 the 9-5 is the Hoody just for you. If you’re working and clocking hours at work the 9-5 is perfect for lounging and keeping it clean and simple during your post work activities.
Don’t know when it’s dropping, if you have your hands on one of these more than likely you saw us on the Waken Baken tour with Khalifa Man.



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Peace to the Pothead$

by @sayknowledge


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Wiz x HardKnockTV

Whole lotta butta in this interview


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