Our Mission

Our mission is far from being another clothing company. We chose the company name UTB LIFE$TYLE over UTB Clothing because we feel what we are bringing to the table is more than just clothing, but a way of life. It is the way we attempt to make you feel when you put on a shirt, sweatshirt, hat, jacket,belt, jeans, chain, or whatever we create. The way we make you feel when we include a booklet with every item, so you can see where each idea originated; from the ground up and input that into your own dreams. We want everyone to see our vision and get inspiration to envision his or her own dream.

The sky is not the limit. Stretch beyond; make your eyes look further than the sky. Look to the Milky Way Galaxy. Look to the point where your mind can no longer understand the size and vastness of what you are seeing and then know that is your limit because your limit is beyond your own understanding. Reach for it, take hold of it and make it your own.

Our mothers always told us, “money doesn’t grown on trees” whenever we asked for whatever our little hearts desired. Now we’ve found the infamous money tree. Instead of chopping it down and keeping all the bark and leaves for paper we took the roots and are shipping them with every order. Each item will be a root from the money tree so everyone can plant his or her own. Everyone can dream. Have the vision for your million-dollar idea and watch it grow. 

Take the roots from “Under.The.Bottom” of the money tree and make your vision a lifestyle. Our mission is simple; we have the roots and will gladly give them to you, just remember to water them daily.



  1. YaLL dOiN bIg thAnGs!! ImMa TotaLy SuPPoRt ThE lInE!!

  2. OK, this mission is really the shit. It’s inspiring! love it

  3. this shit aint tight..

  4. Hey Reem its ya boy Alan. Im with you all the way dawg.

  5. I am supportin tha line to

  6. DRE im so proud of you, and the Great Man of God you have become! stay positive and motivated and no that all things are possible through Christ!

    You have me and Zay’s full support
    see you at the TOP

  7. Hey guys…I came across your site and i just wanna say congrats on the line. Very impressive. Keep doing what ya doing…
    lov ya


  8. Man, I see yall doing it Big! Keep it up, and like Reem said the sky is not the limit! I grew up with some of you, and just met some of you, but each and every one of yall holdin it down 2 the realest! yall got my support, Lets do it BIG for the Murda Vall…

  9. ily guys!

    its the L$ ..dont stress it G

  10. Dre Bs a poet and aint even kno it

  11. I need me a shirt to rock on tha east coastt

  12. you niggers be ripping off the common folk, asking 100 plus for sweatshirts nigga please whack as mother fucker making money of wiz.fuck you and your fake as clothing company

  13. Thats dope & yall doin it big B yall should support my new ish and we be all good heartbreaksclothing&company.yola.com

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